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I would recommend the Fit Potato gym to anyone who wants to lose weight, build endurance or train for a race ( 5k, 10k , half or full marathon). Coach Gomez Francisco taught me some very valuable lessons: be patient, work hard, stay focused, be positive, and smile.
Two years ago, I ran my first half marathon ever at the Oakland Running Festival. I finished with a time of 3:08. Last year, after starting training with The FIT Potato Personal Fitness, I finished in 2:49. This year, I really worked hard on the training plan Coach Francisco wrote for me and finished in 2:25! Wow, I didn't even know I'd beaten last year's time, let alone by 24 minutes. Thanks, Coaches Francisco, Zachary and Juan and of course, my sweetie John for all your support to improve my running!
The Fit Potato changed my life. I have never lost so much weight at once and kept it off. I remember joining weight-watchers over and over again. I lost a total of 60lbs that I’ve kept off for over a year! I really don’t know where I would be today without this program. It literally saved my life and I will be forever grateful to the wonderful Coaches for that. They truly care about our well-being and that is the difference with this program. The Fit Potato ladies were so supportive and encouraging and continue to be. This weight-loss journey has taught me more than what it takes to live a healthy life-style, it taught me discipline and that anything you believe in you can achieve.

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Improve Your Athletic Ability
Our Mission is to help develop Beginners, Couch Potatoes, and Elite Athletes. We teach and lead by example. We encourage a supportive and fun environment in each summer camp day. As a team we build, as a team we win! All Camp Members are winners!
Couch Potato To FIT Potato 16th week program to San Francisco Marathon and Half
Couch Potato To FIT Potato 16th week program to San Francisco Marathon and Half Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced runners are Welcomed Training Starts - Monday April 6th – Sunday Race Day July 26th
Prevent injuries. Race faster. Develop better form. Weekly accountability. Personal running schedule designed for your unique goals. Coaching sessions are done online or in person!
Prevent injuries. Race faster. Develop better form. Perfect for someone who needs weekly accountability and a personal running schedule designed for their unique running goals. Coaching sessions are done online or in person!
Designed to help you reach you health and fitness potentials in a fun and supportive environment. You will get the attention you need to help you succeed.
Get in the best shape of your life! Learn about your habits, behaviors and fitness ability. KEEP your weight off for the rest of your LIFE!
Join a program that focuses personal, long term results; NOT quick results that are not only effective but dangerous. We focus on creating strong bodies and powerful minds. We teach you are to be mindful of your own fitness and nutritional needs and habits.

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